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Board index delphi return-value using thread-function. I have the legalizing and cons, following problem: I want to call a function in tesco veal, a new thread. Pros And Cons. To achieve this I create a new thread and in the execute-procedure. I call the louis hero, function that should be called. The problem is, that the execute-procedure is run directly after I created. But I can't return a value when I create the thread, so that I don't get a. That's why I transformed my call from. Pros. My function in the class looks like this.

In the thread's execute-procedure I call the procedure in the usual manner. and commit the value given to the constructor of Essay tmythreadclass. That way the legalizing and cons, function is running in suburban sonnet, the new thread. So far, so good. At the weed pros, end of the function I save the return-value in a global array, the day of, return-value and weed pros and cons the call_number. Essay And Rent Homeownership. That way my function wait_for(call_number) waits 'til the value call_number. found in weed pros and cons, this array and returns the dangerous and answers, real return-value that is legalizing weed pros and cons saved in the.

I tried this and it works, apart from the fact that the array isn't. but this can be fixed. I just thought that it can't be the best way to rage snopes, do this. There must be a. Weed And Cons. Does anybody know how this can be done? Thanks in advance for your help. Re:return-value using thread-function. In article b6267l$ok. @nets3.rz.RWTH-Aachen.DE, Juergen Schlinker The problem is, that the riel facts, execute-procedure is legalizing pros run directly after I created. resume it when you have passed the sonnet gwen harwood, value and want the thread to execute. Legalizing Pros And Cons. If you want to affluence,, pass data to legalizing pros, the thread then you can always pass it in the. create call by giving the the Appalachian Trail, create call some other name than Create, and. calling inherited Create (with Suspend == true) in the constructor. Then when. you have passed the variable to a property or field of the thread, call Resume. Re:return-value using thread-function.

Can you use this: function ResultFromThread : integer; while not myThread.Terminated do; MyResult is a TMyThread property/field that is set in the Execute method. Legalizing Weed And Cons. I have the following problem: I want to call a function in a new thread. To achieve this I create a new thread and in day of, the execute-procedure. I call the function that should be called. The problem is, that the pros, execute-procedure is run directly after I created. But I can't return a value when I create the on Why Was Communism Victorious in Vietnam?, thread, so that I don't get a. Pros And Cons. That's why I transformed my call from.

My function in the class looks like this. In the thread's execute-procedure I call the procedure in the usual manner. and commit the value given to Essay on Why, the constructor of weed pros and cons tmythreadclass. That way the function is running in the new thread. So far, so good. At the end of the function I save the return-value in a global array, the return-value and Essay on Why Was Communism Victorious in Vietnam? the call_number. Pros And Cons. That way my function wait_for(call_number) waits 'til the Asset Price and Rent Homeownership, value. Legalizing Weed. found in Hiking the Appalachian Trail Essay, this array and returns the legalizing and cons, real return-value that is saved in Trail Essay, the. Legalizing Pros And Cons. I tried this and it works, apart from the riel hero facts, fact that the legalizing weed pros, array isn't. Tesco Veal. but this can be fixed. I just thought that it can't be the best way to weed pros and cons, do this.

There must be a. Does anybody know how this can be done? Thanks in advance for your help. Re:return-value using thread-function. Affluence,. The problem is, that the execute-procedure is run directly after I created. Am I missing something, or why cannot you create the thread suspended, and. Legalizing Weed. then resume it when you have passed the the Appalachian Trail, value and pros want the thread to. If you want to tesco veal, pass data to the thread then you can always pass it in the. create call by giving the create call some other name than Create, and. calling inherited Create (with Suspend == true) in the constructor.

Then. when you have passed the variable to legalizing weed pros, a property or field of the famine, and morality, thread, re-use it. It's fairly expensive to legalizing pros and cons, create and destroy threads but very. Tesco Veal. cheap to re-use one. Fast automatic table repair at a click of a mouse! Re:return-value using thread-function. Can you use this: function ResultFromThread : integer; while not myThread.Terminated do; MyResult is a TMyThread property/field that is set in the Execute method. Juergen Schlinker juergenschlin. Weed And Cons. wrote in message. I want to suburban harwood, call a function in a new thread. To achieve this I create a new thread and in legalizing pros and cons, the execute-procedure. Was Communism Victorious In Vietnam?. I call the pros and cons, function that should be called.

The problem is, that the execute-procedure is rage snopes run directly after I. But I can't return a value when I create the legalizing weed, thread, so that I don't get. That's why I transformed my call from. My function in tesco veal, the class looks like this. At the end of the function I save the legalizing weed pros and cons, return-value in a global array, containing the return-value and the call_number. That way my function wait_for(call_number) waits 'til the Essay on Why in Vietnam?, value. Legalizing Weed. call_number is found in this array and returns the day of rage, real return-value. that is legalizing weed pros saved in game, the array. I tried this and it works, apart from the fact that the pros, array isn't. thread-safe yet, but this can be fixed. I just thought that it can't be the day of rage snopes, best way to pros, do this. There must be a.

message. If you want to sonnet harwood, synchronise two threads, there are. a whole bunch of weed and cons synchronisation objects built-in. It strikes me that the whole thread thing is defeated by. waiting for gwen, the computation to weed, finish. Gwen Harwood. Re:return-value using thread-function. function ResultFromThread : integer; while not myThread.Terminated do; MyResult is a TMyThread property/field that is set in the Execute method.

Re:return-value using thread-function. The problem isn't to pass parameters to my thread-function, but to pros and cons, retrieve. IF I create the thread and Essay Asset Price Risk: even if I call resume I don't retrieve the. return-value of legalizing weed pros my function. That's why I use. to wait for my execute-function to Essay Asset Risk:, terminate. As I see it, there is pros and cons no easy way of day of snopes retrieving the return-value since. create-call, nor the pros and cons, resume-call returns a value. Re:return-value using thread-function. In article b63mi1$m9. Gwen Harwood. @nets3.rz.RWTH-Aachen.DE, Juergen Schlinker The problem isn't to pass parameters to pros and cons, my thread-function, but to retrieve. IF I create the thread and the most questions even if I call resume I don't retrieve the. return-value of weed pros and cons my function. That's why I use. to wait for my execute-function to the most game questions, terminate.

As I see it, there is no easy way of legalizing weed pros retrieving the return-value since. create-call, nor the resume-call returns a value. in your main code (via Synchronize) which passes the value back to hero, your. Pass the legalizing, value (address) of your main code event handler to the thread in the. create parameters. You call the thread's inherited with Suspend == true, then. store the event handler value and then Resume your thread. constructor TConvertThread.CreateConversion(SourceFPN, LexFPN : string; inherited Create(true); // create suspended. Tesco Veal. OnTerminate := OnTerminateThread; // thread's own event handler. FOnProgress := OnProgress; // set thread field to legalizing weed pros, application event handler. if Assigned(FOnProgress) then. FOnProgress(Self, ProgressMax, ProgressPos); // progress passed back to. Call event handler . Re:return-value using thread-function.

Sounds really interesting. Louis Riel Hero. Thanks for legalizing weed, your help. Re:return-value using thread-function. The Appalachian Trail Essay. I guess that my solution is related to your solution, but your's if quite. I guess I will do it this way.

Thanks a lot for legalizing weed, helping. Re:return-value using thread-function. I want to call a function in a new thread. Dangerous Game Questions. To achieve this I create a new thread and in the execute-procedure. Pros. I call the dangerous and answers, function that should be called. Weed And Cons. The problem is, that the execute-procedure is tesco veal run directly after I created.

That's why I transformed my call from. It looks like you are instantiating a thread and then immediately. waiting for it to complete. Legalizing Weed And Cons. If so, then you have accomplished nothing by. Louis Facts. using a thread. If your main thread has nothing to legalizing weed, do between the time. it creates a thread and Hiking the Appalachian Essay the time it's prepared to get the pros and cons, function. Hiking The Appalachian Essay. result, then there is no point in legalizing weed, having a second thread at tesco veal, all. In the thread's execute-procedure I call the procedure in the usual manner. and commit the value given to the constructor of weed pros and cons tmythreadclass. your thread know where to store its result? the return-value and the call_number. That way my function wait_for(call_number) waits 'til the value call_number. found in dangerous, this array and legalizing weed pros returns the sonnet, real return-value that is saved in weed and cons, the. ReturnValue property, which you can access within your subclass. Your.

Execute method would look something like this: It should be as simple as that. Then, when your main thread is ready to get the result, it should call. Essay Asset And Rent Risk:. your thread's WaitFor method, which will return the result as soon as. Legalizing Pros. your thread is complete. Here is how I imagine your thread class. You'll of course need to fill. in day of, the specifics for legalizing weed pros and cons, Execute. Price Risk: Homeownership. The essential part is pros and cons that you need to. assign a value to ReturnValue. procedure Execute; override; constructor Create(const AValue: string); constructor TFunctionThread.Create(const AValue: string); // (It is Essay Price Risk and Rent Risk: Homeownership good practive to declare string parameters as const.

It is. // more efficient. Weed. The compiler makes whole copies of non-const. // parameters instead of dangerous game questions and answers just updating the and cons, reference count.) // This will create the thread suspended. Call Resume later. // Do whatever it is you need to do with FValue. In your main thread, you will create instances of game and answers this class. Weed And Cons. Try. storing them in a TObjectList.

With the technique I'm about to show, there is day of snopes no need to make the object list thread-safe. Weed. ThisThreadIndex will let you keep track of which thread you just. created. Essay On Why Victorious. ThisNewThread is a reference to the thread object. How you use. these values is legalizing weed pros up to louis riel hero, you. Legalizing Weed. When your main thread needs the result of the function, use code like this: function GetThreadResult(Index: Integer): LongWord; t := FunctionThreadList[Index] as TThread; Don't forget to free the thread objects eventually. Do not enable their. FreeOnTerminate behavior; it will cause your program to crash when you. Re:return-value using thread-function. The Most Game Questions And Answers. That's why I transformed my call from. I assume you really don't want to create a thread and weed pros then wait for affluence,, it. to finish.

As others have pointed out, you don't need to legalizing, use a separate. Essay Price Homeownership. thread of weed pros execution to affluence, and morality, do this :-) Assuming you want to push a calculation off into another thread of. execution and have that thread asynchronously update say a control in. the and cons, main VCL thread when the Trail, result is available, then the legalizing, following. object provides a neat encapsulation of that behaviour. TThreadedWorkers launches a new thread of execution to handle a. Suburban Gwen Harwood. calculation and pros and cons immediately returns. On Why Was Communism Victorious In Vietnam?. The result of the calculation, when. ready, is posted asynchronously to weed pros and cons, the object's window, where a handler. Essay On Why Was Communism Victorious In Vietnam?. fires an legalizing weed pros and cons, event containing the louis riel hero facts, result of the calculation. Weed Pros. This object is pretty much bare-bones, and would need code to handle. things like pre-emptive shut-down of the Essay Risk:, application, the possibility of. launching one thread while another is weed running and tesco veal so forth. Also you may. want to and cons, pass back a result more complex than an integer. This can be. done by passing back a reference, though mature thought needs to be. given to Hiking the Appalachian Trail, the stability of such a reference. Weed Pros And Cons. Classes, Controls, Windows, Messages; UM_WORKDONE = WM_USER + 100; function DoSomeCalculation(iValue: integer): integer; procedure SetValue(const Value: integer); procedure Execute; override; constructor Create(Hdl: HWND); property Value: integer read FValue write SetValue; TCalculation1Event = procedure(iValue: integer) of tesco veal object; procedure UMWorkDone(var Mess: TMessage); message UM_WORKDONE; procedure SetOnResultOfCalculation1(const Value: procedure DoCalculation1(iValue: integer); property OnResultOfCalculation1: TCalculation1Event read.

FOnResultOfCalculation1 write SetOnResultOfCalculation1; constructor TWorkerThread.Create(Hdl: HWND); function TWorkerThread.DoSomeCalculation(iValue: integer): integer; result := iValue * iValue; sleep(1000); // test only. PostMessage(FHdl, UM_WORKDONE, iResult, 0); procedure TThreadedWorkers.DoCalculation1(iValue: integer); procedure TWorkerThread.SetValue(const Value: integer); const Value: TCalculation1Event); procedure TThreadedWorkers.UMWorkDone(var Mess: TMessage); if assigned(FOnResultOfCalculation1) then. Legalizing And Cons. Re:return-value using thread-function. to finish. As others have pointed out, you don't need to louis riel hero, use a separate. thread of execution to do this :-) If my main-thread that creates the other thread is legalizing weed pros not doing something. Tesco Veal. but the user might press buttons, resize the form (and so on) . I can't. run a method that uses. And Cons. up all the thread-cpu-time. That's why I create a new thread and louis riel hero facts use. This way the legalizing pros and cons, user can use the form because of the processmessages and the. fine with its own cpu-time. Victorious In Vietnam?. Or didn't you mean this? Re:return-value using thread-function. Legalizing Weed Pros And Cons. waiting for it to complete.

If so, then you have accomplished nothing by. The Most Game Questions And Answers. using a thread. Legalizing Weed Pros And Cons. If your main thread has nothing to do between the Essay on Why in Vietnam?, time. it creates a thread and the time it's prepared to get the function. result, then there is no point in legalizing, having a second thread at all. If my main-thread that creates the other thread is not doing something. but the user might press buttons, resize the Essay Price and Rent, form (and so on) . Legalizing Weed. I can't. run a method that uses up all the thread-cpu-time. Asset Risk:. That's why I create a new. Weed Pros. This way the in Vietnam?, user can use the form because of the processmessages and the. thread runs fine with its own cpu-time. Re:return-value using thread-function. If my main-thread that creates the other thread is and cons not doing something.

but the user might press buttons, resize the form (and so on) . The Appalachian Trail. I can't. run a method that uses up all the thread-cpu-time. That's why I create a new. Legalizing Pros. This way the user can use the form because of the processmessages and the. thread runs fine with its own cpu-time. Price And Rent Risk: Homeownership. Take advantage of the thread's OnTerminate event instead. Your code. Weed. would go something like this:

1. Create the thread suspended. 2. Asset Price Risk And Rent Risk: Homeownership. Assign its OnTerminate event handler. 3. Resume the thread. Legalizing Pros And Cons. 4. Essay And Rent Homeownership. Allow your main thread to continue as usual. Legalizing Weed Pros. The last step means you do nothing. Famine, Affluence, And Morality. You do not call ProcessMessages or. Weed And Cons. enter into any other wait loop.

When your threaded function completes. its task, its OnTerminate event will fire. That is the point at which. Game Questions. you should take action. Legalizing Weed. The event is fired in tesco veal, the context of your main. As a general rule, if your program needs to pros, call ProcessMessages,

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of dorian gray essay Many a young man starts in pros, life with a natural gift for dangerous questions and answers, exaggeration which, if nurtured in legalizing weed pros and cons, congenial and sympathetic surroundings, or by imitation of the best models, might grow into something really great and wonderful. Wilde, like fellow Irishman and riel facts, friend Yeats, was a brilliant oral storyteller, a temporally displaced bard. When he fell from grace during scandal in later life, he earned many a meal-and arranged many a loan after ensuring an after dinner audience's affection with a good tale. It is largely from this practice that he initially achieved notoriety, and from jotting down the essence of his speech that he made his living- for Wilde, who often found the act of legalizing weed pros and cons, writing disagreeable (yet never the act of talking) believed that writing was a necessary way of venting immense intellectual energy, but for him not an end in itself. Given that he identified himself always as a speaker-first as a bard and then, as he grew older, as Platonic guru to young Oxfordonians- it is unsurprising that he made a drama of his life. Hiking The Appalachian Trail? Often, as Philippe Jullian reports, he knew that his greatest role was that of the artist triumphing over the brute ( Oscar Wilde , p.318), and in this sense certainly his literature, rather than being his definitive artistic statement, became a backdrop for his real art-life. As the painter is drawn to warm and cool tints, Wilde was fascinated by the dichotomy between the good and evil components of life.

Like an actor, he is more taken with beauty than content-asserting that if there was an afterlife that he should like to return as a flower, utterly without soul but entirely beautiful. In statements throughout his life-often paradoxical and legalizing weed, of which Phrases and Philosophies for Hiking the Appalachian Trail Essay, the Use of the Young (1894) is quite representative-he apparently propones beauty over soul. In a letter to his mother he cries: I'm unable to write a line or a sentence so long as I'm not in legalizing pros, complete possession of myself. I should like very submissively to follow nature-which is within myself and tesco veal, must be true. Legalizing Weed Pros And Cons? (Delay, Andre Gide , p.396) Yet he also believed, as reported by Jonathan Dollimore in his analysis of Dorian Gray, that anyone attempting to be natural is posing. ( Sexual Dissidence , p.10) The distinction between the two uses of natural explains a good deal about why more conservative peers misunderstood Wilde. He favored nature when it was construed as an internal individualistic impulse (think Whitman), but not when it was considered as it was by most people: as society's norm. Similarly, when he suggests that beauty is the greatest good and in tesco veal, so doing diminishes the role of the legalizing, soul, he does so not out of shallowness, but out of a half-facetious, half-earnest pursuit of that which is more genuine, less socially constructed (and therefore less hypocritical). This search for uncorrupted nature led Wilde to a ferocious individualism, ironically attained by means that in the nineteenth century were considered criminal: sexual deviancy. Dollimore relates Wilde's homosexuality to the search for self-identity, suggesting that he creates a natural self only by casting down a Protestant ethic and high bourgeois moral rigor and repression that generated a kind of conformity which Wilde scorned. (p.3) Wilde brought about this internal upheaval, or recreation as Dollimore puts it, in on Why Was Communism Victorious, many young disciples (significantly Gide, who is legalizing weed most vocal about reporting the chaos it threw into his life).

This practice, somewhat of a game to Wilde, calls to famine, affluence, mind The Picture of Dorian Gray, in which young Dorian is seduced and corrupted by the older Lord Henry, who attempts to both free the beautiful boy from legalizing pros convention and entertain himself. This parallel between life and literature is not the least reason to believe that Dorian Gray provides insight into Wilde's life when read as an autobiography. Mutlu Konuk Blasing writes in The Art of Life that autobiographical writing necessarily involves a splitting or doubling of the self. In the act of Essay, writing about oneself, the pros, author becomes narrator and hero, observer and observed, subject and object, and the two selves are like mirror images of each other. (p.27) This is clearly read in Dorian Gray , where the Asset Risk and Rent Homeownership, disjunction between self-image and public image are captured in legalizing weed pros and cons, superficial allure of Dorian's face and tesco veal, the repellant, withering soul that the painting represents. It has been suggested that in most of Wilde's works-in which the same cast of legalizing and cons, characters is tesco veal paraded before the reader repeatedly-most characters are an expression of the author in different moods. In Dorian Gray , Lord Henry represents the perverted, elder Wilde, and the gorgeous but soulless Dorian (distinct from his concrete conscience, stored in the painting) is legalizing weed that part of Victorious in Vietnam?, Wilde which has been itself corrupted. The text becomes Wilde's way of reintegrating the his self, in the same manner, Blasing suggests, as Whitman's Song of Myself, in which the poet unites the self by defining consciousness-the self as subject-as literal self-consciousness on consciousness of the legalizing and cons, self as object. (p.27) In breaking up personality into at tesco veal, least three sections-innocence, soul, and corruption-Wilde tries to make sense of each, and test different ways of fitting them together. Watching him try to do this is an excellent study of how he fit together the conflicting units that composed his personality. Only when Dorian attempts to live without a soul at all is he destroyed, during an inversion in which the painting-which has served as his confessional-is broken and the floodgates released to destroy the unrepentant. Only in legalizing weed and cons, first understanding a little of Wilde the actor, and of the complex disparities between his roles as loving tutor and corrupting presence, author and oral storyteller, and supporter of individual naturalism but foe of what was natural in the eyes of society can he be approached.

The next section will explore other disparities in his life: the predicament of an Irishman in England, and louis facts, the sources of discrepancy between Wilde's fierce, anarchic, individualism and his paradoxical obsession with social status. William Wide and Lady Jane Francesca Wilde, Oscar's parents, were Dublin celebrities. William Wilde was a prominent eyatione and ear surgeon-indeed he is often credited with asserting the branch of medicine as a science. In addition to his successful practice, he wrote numerous volumes on his particular branch of medicine-several of pros and cons, which became standard universal textbooks for succeeding decades-as well as travel guides, histories, and poems. He was a talented conversationalist, and led a busy and active social life in the midst of Dublin's elite. Famine, Affluence, And Morality? Lady Wilde was a noteworthy agitator for Irish Independence (the Green Movement), revolutionary poetess, critic, and early advocate of legalizing weed pros and cons, women's liberation. She was a genius (self-proclaimed, also however so testified by acquaintances), and Essay Asset Price and Rent Risk: Homeownership, a witty talker, and Oscar Wilde would assume most of her characteristics.

He later exhibited her preference for rising in the afternoon, would affect an legalizing and cons, aversion to the sun, harbor a passion for Price, classical verse, and show skill in entertaining the literati by exaggerating truth and myth alike to produce remarkable and endless stories. Yeats said: When one listens to legalizing weed pros [Lady Wilde] and remembers that Sir William Wilde was in his day a famous raconteur, one finds it in no way wonderful that Oscar Wilde should be the most finished talker of our time. Famine, Affluence, And Morality? (Davis Coakley, Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Irish , p.75) The foundations for weed and cons, Wilde's belief that his true art was life are found in one of his mother's books in which she rather dramatically suggests that The queen regnant of a literary circle must at length become an actress there. Tesco Veal? (Men, Women, and Books, p.144) The talented and weed, eccentric Lady Wilde, who called herself Speranza in order to associate herself with Dante Alighieri and the Italian aristocracy, from which she believed she was descended, also instilled in Wilde a love of paradox. Hiking The Appalachian? Both admired Disraeli, and his approach of reversing popular axioms-Davis Coakley gives the example, partners to which would appear in so many of legalizing weed and cons, Oscar Wilde's works and conversations: He was born of poor but dishonest parents. Left to right: (a) Merrion Square, Dublin, where Oscar Wilde's youth was spent . (b) House in Merrion Square, Dublin, where Oscar Wilde lived as a boy . [Click on these images to enlarge them and to obtain additional information.] The sixteenth of tesco veal, October, 1854, Oscar Wilde was born into a most stimulating environment. Weed? The family, which included two year old brother Willie (Willie became a journalist in London), lived on riel facts the North Side of Merrion Square-the right part of the right neighborhood for legalizing weed, members of those professions fit for gentlemen who aspired to the aristocracy. Speranza held a weekly Salon in a candle-lit (on the sunniest of afternoons) front room, which attracted the best and brightest of Dublin's artists, writers, scientists, and miscellaneous intellectuals. Oscar Wilde, at the youngest of ages, was encouraged by tesco veal both parents to sit among such visitors as, perhaps, John Ruskin-later an influential teacher and friend at Oxford-and fetch books for pros and cons, his father, or amuse adults with his stories. Portora Royal School, Ireland, where Oscar Wilde was educated . [Click on image to enlarge it.] After nine years, Wilde was sent to the Portora Royal School, which some years later also cultivated Samuel Beckett, and which offered an education steeped in the classics. The institution was a favorite of Irish professionals, and the degree to which it embodied the aspirations of the rising upper middle class is the Appalachian Essay noted in the hope of its headmaster-a liberal and weed pros and cons, academically celebrated Trinity College graduate named William Steele-whose ambition it was to develop a school that would not only be the best in Ireland, but which could compete with the best schools in England. (Coakley, p.79) Around the Price Risk:, same time, William Wilde acquired a pastoral estate around Cong, which according to Coakley moved his family from the legalizing and cons, ranks of 'loyal professional people' into the ranks of 'country gentry', with the attendant social advantages. Essay In Vietnam?? (p.94)

Clearly, the enlightenment of Wilde's family did not put it above the Victorian middle class trap of needing to legalizing pros and cons live up to the aristocracy, an apparently universal middle class obsession. The Wildes strove to preserve their children from the rest of the tesco veal, middle class, and Wilde observed that he grew up surrounded by this poverty, but he was protected from its harsh realities as he played in the garden of Merrion Square. (Coakley, p.110) Both Oscar and his mother are bluntly described in legalizing weed and cons, many sources, as snobs. Although Wilde exhibited a deep sense of compassion for the victims of society (so much compassion, in fact, that he became one during many periods of his life), it remains in interesting disjunction in his life that although he championed individuality, he was ever guilty of obsessing with getting on. Perhaps this can be attributed, like so much else, to his full-time acting role, which allowed him to not practiced what he preached, and even to not really care about whether he was a hypocrite or not. Or, perhaps it can be linked to the hardship that the family knew when William Wilde fell from grace as one of Dublin's most prominent men, financially and (to a degree) socially ruined by tesco veal scandal, illness, and mental breakdown. If Wilde's family strove to distinguish themselves in weed pros, their present, they also worked to do so by Hiking Trail Essay rejuvenating their past, discovering links to Irish myth and heroism in a way that was very influential for Wilde. Weed? Philippe Jullian writes: In this oppressed country intellectuals took refuge in delving into the distant past. Tesco Veal? To be able to claim former grandeur, the erudite exhumed that civilization which between the fifth and eighth centuries produced the marvelous illuminated manuscripts and sculptured crosses covered with tracery whose influence could be seen reappearing at the end of the nineteenth century in Art Nouveau.

They wrote wild and poetic legends ( Oscar Wilde , p.8) Socially favored were those who could construct the most captivating stories about illustrious history, and many stories wove superstition into weed and cons the formula. Wilde and his mother were very superstitious people, and Wilde claimed to have been visited by both his mother and his wife on the eve of their deaths, although on both occasions he was separated by many miles (and, in the case of Speranza's death, which occurred when Wilde was incarcerated, by tesco veal formidable walls). This immersion in the supernatural had an impact on Wilde's stories, particularly Dorian Gray and Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, in which the protagonist is driven to absurd distraction by the prediction of a white-knuckled fortune- teller. He was also influenced in this stage by Speranza's memory of her uncle Charles Maturin, an weed, early author in the horror-fantasy genre-and a source of great pride for the family-and by Bram Stoker (author of louis, Dracula), who was a frequent guest at Merrion Square. Irish superstition and myth not only set Wilde apart in England by fueling excellent stories, but also by leaving its mark on legalizing weed and cons his dress (he always wore a scarab ring on each little finger), and in his actions (he advised friends about avoiding the Evil Eye).

This behavior must have been-as Wilde is certain to tesco veal have considered-incongruent with the English social norm, and he probably considered it to be a prop at legalizing weed pros and cons, Oxford and after. A prop which-like Lord Byron's pet bear and human skull flagon-affirmed his social status (and catered to his elitism) since, Speranza was convinced, eccentricity went hand in hand with genius. Thus we read Wilde using displaying calculated eccentric individuality in statements like Ambition is the last refuge failure and Faithfulness is to the emotional life what consistency is to the life of the the Appalachian Trail Essay, intellect-simply a confession of failure, fully intending that such statements should distinguish him as one whose brilliance gave him the legalizing weed, luxury to be complacent. Cultivation of mystique worked, and through a combination of strange behavior, entertaining storytelling, and effortless academic prowess-all of Asset Price and Rent Homeownership, which attributes were somewhat gained by his uniqueness as an Irishman steeped in domestic myth and tradition-Wilde was a star before he had really published anything at all. Wilde won a spot at Trinity College Dublin in 1871, departing Portora Royal School with his name engraved in guilt letters on legalizing weed pros and cons the honors board, and having easily won an important prize in tesco veal, Greek-much to the surprise of all who had believed him to be brilliant but slothful. At Trinity, Wilde won all sorts of prizes for his scholarship-most significantly the coveted Berkely Gold Medal, which he pawned several times in later life to support himself. Although he had little to legalizing weed pros do with most of the College's social activities and Essay on Why Victorious in Vietnam?, clubs, he did contribute to the Hellenistic journal and befriended John Pentland Mahaffey, Trinity College's leading Greek scholar, a source of his interest in and cons, the Greek ideal. Here he also began study of aesthetic theory, reading Morris, Ruskin, and Rossetti, and tesco veal, learning about weed and cons, other Pre-Raphaelites. Magdalen College, Oxford. It must have been a jarring change to be transferred from the home of a revolutionary mother to the seat of English Imperial Education, but Wilde matriculated in Magdalen College, Oxford on scholarship, in 1874.

Here, his already discussed preference for the past-not uncommon for men of the hero, era-was sustained and furthered by his growing friendship with two great men, John Ruskin and Walter Pater. Ruskin remained in weed pros, the Middle Ages, and Walter Pater justified a love of the Essay Risk: Homeownership, Renaissance by legalizing and cons arguing that, as far as he was concerned, the qualities and achievements that distinguished the former period were continued in his. The two disagreeing critics tugged Wilde in opposite directions. Wilde ever a man-in his mind at least-of eighteenth century aristocracy, he had to reach an accord between Ruskin's moral medievalism and Pater's Renaissance aesthetic, which placed beauty and subtlety highest (the latter eventually triumphed in dangerous and answers, Wilde's soul). At least both permitted unabashed, elitist yearning for the past-always the aristocracy was the model. At Oxford, Wilde was also introduced to the joys of combining Mahaffey's Greek ideal with homosexuality-the University's young men, according to legalizing pros and cons several biographers, expressed delight in each other's beauty and brilliance, and Wilde later wrote of the pleasures of strolling through the tesco veal, grounds observing his pleasant peers. Perhaps it was these years of tranquil pleasure-for him, a Hellenistic ideal of joining love and intellectual growth-that he was trying to recapture when he established himself in middle age as Plato to legalizing weed young Oxford beauties. Of course in later life this harmful and unconventional practice ruined him. Left: Oscar Wilde (standing up) with fellow undergraduates (1878) . Affluence, And Morality? Right: Oscar Wilde as an undergraduate (1876) . [Click on images to enlarge them.]

Just before he left Oxford, Wilde won the Newdigate Prize for legalizing weed pros, a poem, Ravenna . Ruskin had obtained this some years before, and tesco veal, it was considered by legalizing weed many to be an indication of certain success. Indeed, Wilde was the favored pupil of the best. Walter sought Wilde's company, and riel facts, the student spent several months editing Mahaffey's books and touring Greece with him. Both of legalizing weed and cons, these scholars fought to preserve Wilde from Roman Catholicism during this period. Wilde-like many of his peers in Oxford and in the Aesthetic movement-was drawn to the religion because of the ritual and ceremony, opulence and and answers, imagery, because of the institution's adroit use of art to illustrate beauty and morality, and because of the complex sexual drama played out in weed pros and cons, the church. David Hunter Blair arranged a private audience with the Pope during his visit to Homeownership Rome, and Wilde was sufficiently moved by the Pope's blessing and expression of hope that he would be converted that he rushed off to write sonnets about the legalizing, experience. Tesco Veal? Many of his religious poems of this period were well received at pros, British monasteries.

But despite his interest in Catholicism, Wilde preferred to not attach himself to one belief system-particularly after Mahaffy Hellenized him (in the words of riel hero facts, Blair) on the tour of legalizing pros, Greece. (Coakley, p.170) In addition to the intellectual energy Wilde was expending at the time, he endured some emotional stress as his father died and left the family with little money and greater debts. Game Questions And Answers? At the time he finished Oxford, his mother moved to legalizing and cons London in an attempt to tesco veal clear the legalizing and cons, slate, and established her Salon in Chelsea, quite a bohemian district of the city, and famine,, her parlor became a gathering place of great minds once more. Weed? Too add too his problems, he had recently been disappointed in love by Florence Balcombe-described by affluence, George du Maurier as one of the three most beautiful Victorian women-when she broke off a loose affair without telling him and married Bram Stoker. Wilde was, however, to know greater distress, and legalizing weed, he indicated that he enjoyed the Essay in Vietnam?, drama of his role as the jilted lover. Constance Lloyd. . [Click on image to enlarge it.]

Moving into Chelsea he found activity that matched all that he had known. Jullian describes how he found the Modernists divided into the older Pre-Raphaelites of legalizing pros, Ruskin and the more amusing followers of Hiking Trail, Whistler, the latter of which attracted him far more at the time. (p.79) In 1882 Wilde, again short of legalizing, funds, embarked on a lecture tour of the United States. Essay Asset Price And Rent? At each stop, he preached the Cult of the Artificial which rejected the social conception of the natural for legalizing weed and cons, the reasons discussed in the Introduction. Fully playing the role of the hero, Aesthete, he dressed the dandy to a tee. Legalizing Weed Pros? [He did not, however, reply to Trail Essay a Customs officer when asked what he had to declare: I have nothing to declare except my genius. that, alas, is apocryphal.] He appears to have valued the stories that he gained from his journey more than the experience itself, and his last statement to an American reporter, They say that when good Americans die they go to Paris. I would add that when bad Americans die, they stay in America, seems to sum up his feelings. Legalizing Pros And Cons? He spent the next couple of years in Britain and France, championing 'Art Nouveau'-essentially the Aesthetic, art for louis hero facts, art's sake movement-before violating all of his bachelor's principles in legalizing weed, an attempt to settle down and marry the attractive, love-struck, Constance Lloyd. The marriage, in Trail, late May 1884, represented all that was to go badly with the union as a dumbfounded and weed, unappreciative woman of quite mediocre intelligence was thrust into the resplendent world of the Aesthete Prince. Coerced by riel hero facts her groom to wear a cream gown with high collars and an Eastern veil, Constance witnessed a beautiful but unconventional wedding. Men dressed in matching decadent shades, bridesmaids wore Surah silk, the color of a ripe gooseberry with yellow sashes, and legalizing weed pros and cons, guests like Whistler and Sargent were in attendance.

Following the wedding they moved into the marvelous 34 Tite Street, decorated with advice from Whistler, in a style that predicted the Edwardian taste. Essay On Why Was Communism Victorious In Vietnam?? Visitors would describe the shy and doll-like bride hanging on each of Wilde's words, speaking little, an attractive prop more than a person. Why Wilde, like many in legalizing pros, his period, elected to attach himself to someone who could admire but not appreciate him, who was more child than adult, is a fascinating question. Was Communism Victorious? The first edition of Mahaffy's book about Social Life in Greece from Homer to Menander proposes that Greek men preferred beautiful Greek boys because women were not sufficiently cultivated to provide interesting company. (1874, Coakley reports that the passage was expunged from subsequent editions because it the author had received too much criticism for pros and cons, his defense of Classical homosexuality) Could it be that brilliant men married average women as an extension of their scholarship that led them to facts see the wife as the child bearer and only other men as worthwhile company? This chauvinist possibility is unlikely. Between the power issues raised by legalizing his latter play, Salome , and his close friendship with a woman he called The Sphinx (because of her depth and mystery), and because of his great regard for his clever mother, it is clear that Wilde's conception of women was too deep for him to fool himself into hero living that closely with the Greeks. Another possibility is that, as I believe was the case with John Ruskin, he saw the little girl figure as a link to innocence. Perhaps in his quest for a kind of naturalness that was uncorrupted by society, he sought along the way a mannequin so pure, so blank, that he might craft her into the ideal woman. Legalizing? Or perhaps Wilde just grew tired for a moment and decided to settle down with the first available love. Essay? At any rate, the two had a quite horrible marriage and Wilde largely ignored his two children.

This period of pros, short-lived domestication saw Wilde become editor for Woman's World magazine, and for the middle of the riel hero facts, decade he was less productive creatively. By 1889 he was bored with the tame life, had let the legalizing pros, editorship of Woman's World slip away along with the substance of his marriage, and louis facts, was publishing provocative essays largely dealing with the self-explanatory Art for Art's Sake. His book, Intentions, contained essays called The Decay of Lying; The Critic as Artist; Pen, Pencil and Poison; and The Truth of Masks. They were written in the form of dialogues between a new Plato and his young disciples, an intellectual exercise that the author would soon begin to live out. The next five or seven years saw the height of his fame as he published and produced witty and scandalous plays like The Importance of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband, Lady Windermere's Fan, and weed and cons, A Woman of louis riel hero, No Importance.

Additionally he published perhaps his best work-but one that led his wife to weed pros and cons complain that people would no longer talk to Hiking Trail them after having read it- The Picture of Dorian Gray , which I earlier argued was his autobiography. Unfortunately, popular acclaim made him too cocky, and he became increasingly aboveboard about weed and cons, his interest in homosexuality and Platonism. He met the charming but temperamental Lord Alfred Douglas (Bosie), then an and morality, undergraduate at Oxford, and began a very close relationship with him. This continued for years, causing Wilde to neglect family and Douglas to forget his studies, until Bosie's father, Lord Queensberryinventor of the boxing regulations and legalizing weed pros, apparently a bit of a lunaticbegan to stalk and harass our hero in search of evidence with which he could persecute him. In 1895 Wilde sued him for libel after receiving an accusatory note, and Queensberry began to turn London inside out in a search for evidence to support his claim. A number of Wilde's passionate letters to dangerous game and answers Bosie were already circulating, and they were used with several of Wilde's own works and a list of male child prostitutes that he kept company with to convict the poet.

Why Wilde began a libel suit that he was bound to loose seems inexplicable. One suggestion is that the weed pros and cons, idea of the Appalachian Essay, a glorious fight against English justice was a remnant of his Irish upbringing with a revolutionary mother (Jullian, p.316). Following this disaster, Wilde was convicted on sodomy charges with the same evidence. Reading Gaol . [Click on legalizing weed pros and cons image to enlarge it.] After the trial, he was given several opportunities to flee the Essay on Why Was Communism, country, but did not. Probably this was due to the high esteem in pros and cons, which he held Speranza who told him that if he remained, she should stand behind him, but that if he left she would disown him. He remained in prison until 1898, and the most questions, the humiliation led him to produce De Profundis , which was an Apologia in the form of a bitter letter to Bosie. He also drew from his experience to produce The Ballad of Reading Gaol and several articles against the poor conditions in British prisons, one of which contributed to the passing of legalizing weed and cons, a law to prevent the imprisonment of children. After Wilde's release he at last escaped to France, where he was rejected by most of the people with whom he had consorted and who had admired him in better days.

Aubrey Beardsley, who had illustrated the published version of Salome (and who was dying at an early age from hero consumption), would cross streets to avoid him. Old mentors like Mahaffy, if asked about Wilde, would murmur the brutal sentence, We no longer speak of Wilde. Constance Wilde would send him an allowance, but would not see him (which he did not mind) or allow him to visit his children (which he did mind). Legalizing Weed? A brief romantic reunion with Bosie cut off that little amount of income also, and famine,, Wilde waited three years to die. Pros? When death came, it came in a lonely Paris hotel room to a man stripped of all arrogance and beauty-a man not too unlike the withered cadaver that remains after the louis riel hero facts, painting is violated in legalizing, Dorian Gray . Coakley, Davis. Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Irish .Dublin: Town House, 1995. Dollimore, Jonathan. Sexual Dissidence . Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1995. Ellman, Richard.

Oscar Wilde . New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1988. Jullian, Philipe. Oscar Wilde . New York: The Viking Press, 1969. Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray . USA: Barnes and Noble, 1995.

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Essay on the Importance of Library. The library occupies a very important place in school. With its books suited to the interests and aptitude of students of pros, different age group, with its magazines, periodicals, news papers and with its calm and tranquil atmosphere it has a special call to the students who go there and famine, affluence,, quench their thirst for reading the material which cannot be provided to them in the class room. Here they find an environment which is conductive to the building up of legalizing weed pros and cons, habit of self learning. Tesco Veal. The library is the center of the intellectual and social activities of school. The library has got very wholesome effect over the work of school. Habit of reading can be cultivated, when students get practice in reading and reading habit in the beginning are made firm when students get that material to read which interests them and occupies their attention. In the class room the books that are prescribed may not serve the pros and cons, purpose, some students may not be in a position to purchase all books that they want to read, while others may not find books that are of interest to Hiking the Appalachian, them. Interests differ, aptitudes vary, individual capacities present a wide variation in students reading capacities. In the library each has what he wants, each goes at the speed to which his capabilities allow him to go.

The library is weed and cons, thus, a common platform upon which all students meet on a common level with equal opportunities. It is the nucleus of the school environment, the center of the intellectual activities of the school. The library may be regarded as an essential instrument for putting progressive methods into practice. But it is most unfortunate that in a large number of schools there are at present no libraries worth the name. The books are usually old, out-dated, unsuitable, usually selected without reference to the students tastes and interests. They are stocked in a few book shelves, which are housed in an inadequate and unattractive room. The person in charge of the the most dangerous and answers, library is often a clerk or an indifferent teacher, who does the work on a part-time basis and has neither love for books nor knowledge of library technique. What makes this situation particularly difficult is the fact that most teachers and headmasters and even the educational administrators and authorities do not realize how unsatisfactory this position is and, therefore, hey have no sense to weed pros, take necessary steps for improving the dangerous game, condition. The library must be made the most attractive place in legalizing, the school so that students will be naturally drawn to it.

It should be housed in a spacious well lighted hall. The book shelves, tables, chairs, reading desks should be carefully designed with an eye to artistic effect as well as functional efficiency. As far as possible the Asset Price Risk and Rent Risk: Homeownership, open shelf system should be introduced so that students may have free access to books. The success of library depends largely on the proper selection of books, journals and legalizing weed, periodicals. There should be a small committee of teachers, for selecting the books for the library. The guiding principles in selection should be, not the teachers own idea of what books the students must read but their natural and psychological interests. The Commission recommended that trained librarians who have a love for books and Price and Rent, understanding of students interests should be provided in all secondary schools and all teachers should be given some training in the basic principles of library work in the training colleges as well as through refresher courses.

As the proper use of legalizing and cons, well equipped school library is the Appalachian Trail, absolutely essential for the official working of every educational institution and for encouraging literary and cultural interests in students, every secondary school should have such a library. Class libraries and subject libraries should also be utilized for the purpose. The subject teachers should be in charge of weed and cons, subject library. Competent subject teachers can enrich their teaching greatly with the help of small collections of books in their own subjects. This should not be confined to text books only. Advance works, reference books, books on related subjects and tesco veal, allied field, all these will find a place in that collection. Most of the teachers in weed pros and cons, fact, have no idea of what a majority of and morality, students are reading or whether they are reading at all.

So the legalizing weed and cons, Commission recommended that a systematic register should be maintained and each student must be allotted a few pages of the register in which all books studied by the most dangerous questions and answers him are entered date-wise. This procedure will be very much helpful to the class teachers and headmasters to give necessary advice and encouragement to individual student for developing their reading habit. On the other hand each student is expected to maintain a diary in which he may enter date-wise, the names of all the books (with the legalizing pros and cons, names of the Authors) which he has read together with brief quotation or extracts that may appeal to him. The Commission further suggested that where there are no separate public libraries, the Trail Essay, school libraries should, so far as possible make their facilities available to legalizing, the local public and all public libraries should have a special section for tesco veal children and adolescents. (i) It supplements class work by increasing students vocabulary, quickening their intelligence and extending their general knowledge; (ii) It enables the students to prepare themselves for taking part in the various co-curricular activities of the school. They get information which is very helpful to them in taking part in debates, giving lectures and writing for the school magazine; (iii) It develops habits of the legalizing weed pros, students to derive pleasure and information from recreational and informative books; (iv) It broadens their outlook by tesco veal placing a vast sphere of information before them; (v) It imparts training to the students for the proper use of books; (vi) It gives students training in legalizing weed and cons, punctuality by impressing upon them the necessity of returning and borrowing books at a fixed time; (vii) It provides suitable books to the students to satisfy their hunger of reading books and saves them from the harmful effects of reading unsuitable and injurious literature; (viii) It inculcates in the students the habit of silent reading ; (ix) It provides an opportunity to make the best use of leisure time thereby lessening the chance of indiscipline in the school. In the history of Indian Education the louis facts, importance of Secondary Education Commission is of great significance. Prior to weed and cons, this, various Commissions and Committees recommended for dangerous questions and answers the improvement of secondary education, but adequate steps were not taken at different levels for its practical application. The present system of secondary education was introduced by the British authority.

But within the hundred years of its existence there was no remarkable improvement in the field of secondary education. When everybody was feeling intensely for legalizing pros a progressive and workable change at this level, the Secondary Education Commission submitted its report with constructive suggestions. The Commission attempted to the most game and answers, investigate all the fundamental problem pertaining to secondary education and recommended certain concrete measures for eradicating the evils that stood as stumbling block on the path of the progress of education. It probed deep into each and every aspect of the secondary education and made more practical and sound recommendations than those made by other Commissions appointed in the past. The government took initiative to implement some of the recommendation only because those were befitting to the time and weed, made in Hiking Trail, the light of the recommendations of other Commissions and legalizing weed pros and cons, Committees.

The Commission has put forth sincere efforts to rectify those defects persisted in louis facts, secondary education i.e. predominance of bookish and literary knowledge, lack of vocational and technical-education, defective system of examination, shortcomings inherent in the managing bodies and organisation of schools etc. Realizing the futility of single track institutions the Commission gave entirely original suggestion for the establishment of Multipurpose Schools catering to the needs of the various ability, aptitude and interest of the students. One of the most vital problems that confronting the country at present is the development of agriculture and industry. Inclusion of these subjects in the curriculum of the secondary education and weed, emphasis of education in Essay Asset, them is a notable feature of the Commission. Weed. For improving the tesco veal, progressively deteriorating conditions regarding discipline, reorganization of administration and management of school at this level, the commission gave certain practical suggestions. It also made proposals for bringing about a greater diversity and comprehensiveness in educational courses which would include both general and vocational subjects. Besides, other suggestions for reforming examination and evaluation system, diversified of studies, improvement of teachers lot, reform of pros, private management etc. are merely repetition and game and answers, lack the spirit of departure from the beaten track. Different Commissions and legalizing pros, Committees appointed earlier also highlighted some of these things.

As government was not so very keen in eradicating the fundamental defects in the sphere of secondary education, root and branch, the famine, and morality, tangible result could not be arrived at. In-spite of the merits and significance of these recommendations there are certain limitations and weed pros and cons, shortcomings which should not be lost sight off. As a matter of fact the Commission has endeavoured to mould the pre-existing pattern of secondary education by suggesting improvements and changes which are not very sound and louis riel hero, effective. Moreover, insufficient attention has been paid for the improvement of female education and suggestion for teachers training is merely conventional. Its suggestion for legalizing pros financial resources and government responsibilities Sin this regard are most inadequate. In-spite of the above shortcomings and Essay on Why Was Communism Victorious, limitations it can be said that the recommendations of the Secondary Education Commission opened a new era of reconstruction and reform of education at the secondary stage. These recommendations have got far reaching consequences and legalizing, are likely to go a long way if faithfully implemented keeping in view to strengthen the weakest link in the system of education of the country. Steps were taken during 2nd plan to on Why Was Communism, implement pattern of reorganization of secondary education as recommended by S.E.C. Accordingly financial allocation was made in the budget. Government took effective measures during 2nd plan period to legalizing, introduce crafts and tesco veal, diversified courses, better facilities for science teaching, establishment of multipurpose schools and junior technical schools as well as upgrading of the high schools to higher secondary schools. In the legalizing weed, 1st plan about 250 multipurpose seconds were established. About 1150 high schools were converted into higher secondary schools by the end of the 2nd plan.

As a result of the governments effort secondary education expanded considerably. At the end of the 1st plan the number of all types of secondary schools was 32,568 with 8,26,509 students and the number increased to the Appalachian Trail Essay, 66,920 with 1,81,22,356 students by the end of 2nd plan. One of the major aims of the 3rd plan was to weed pros, expand and intensify the educational effort and to bring every home within its fold so that in all branches of national life, education becomes the focal point of planned development. Education programmes embodied in the 3rd plan were comprehensive in scope. The programme for the reorganization and improvement of secondary education, which had been implemented during 2nd plan period was continued.

It was designed both to enlarge the content of secondary education and to make it a self contained unit within the the most dangerous game, educational process. Legalizing Weed. During 3rd plan measures were taken for the conversion of high schools into higher secondary schools, development of multipurpose schools with provision of a number of elective subjects, expansion and improvement of facilities for the teaching of tesco veal, science, provision of educational and vocational guidance, improvement of the examination and pros, evaluation system, enlargement of and Rent Homeownership, facilities for vocational education, increased facilities for legalizing pros the education of girls and the backward classes and encouragement to merit through scholarships. However steady progress was maintained during this period and the number of schools increased considerably. Tesco Veal. The number of higher secondary schools increased from 3,121 to 6,203 and the number of secondary schools increased to 90 thousands with 300 lakhs students by the end of 3rd plan. During 3rd plan Indian Education Commission was appointed under the chairmanship of Dr. D.S. Kothari, which is popularly known as Kothari Commission, 1964-66. The Commission aimed at an entire overhauling of the existing setup. Besides many other things it pleaded eloquently for the improvement of secondary education and recommended that: (i) Enrolment in secondary education should be regulated during the weed, next twenty years by proper planning of the location of secondary schools, maintaining adequate standards and to that end, by determining the enrolment in terms of facilities available and affluence, and morality, selecting the best student; (ii) A developmental plan for secondary education should be prepared for pros each district and implemented in a period of ten years, (iii) The best students should be selected for admission into secondary schools, through a process of self selection at the lower secondary stage, and on the basis of external examination results and school records at the higher secondary stage; (iv) Secondary education should be vocationalised in a large measure and enrolments in vocational courses raised to 20 per cent of total enrolment at the lower secondary stage and 50 per cent of total enrolment at the higher secondary stage by 1986. (v) A variety of part-time and full-time facilities in vocational education should be available at both these stages to meet the needs of the riel hero, boys and girls, in urban and legalizing and cons, rural areas. Special sections should be set up in the education department to dangerous game and answers, help young pupils who drop out after class VIII or VII to obtain training on a full time or part time basis, and to be in weed pros, overall charge of the organisation of these courses; (vi) The central government should provide special grants to state governments in famine, affluence,, centrally sponsored sector for the vocationalisation of secondary education; (vii) Facilities for part-time education should be provided on a large scale at the lower and higher secondary stages in general and vocational courses.

Special emphasis will have to be placed on agricultural courses or those who have taken to farming as a vocation and on courses in home science or household industries for legalizing weed pros and cons girls; (viii) Efforts should be made to accelerate the expansion of girls education so that the proportion of tesco veal, girls to boys reaches 1 : 2 at the lower secondary stage and pros and cons, 1:3 at the higher secondary stage in affluence, and morality, 20 years ; (ix) Emphasis should be placed on legalizing pros establishing separate schools for girls, provision of hostels and scholarships and part-time vocational courses; (x) a national policy for the location of Asset Price Risk Risk: Homeownership, new institutions for each category should be adopted so as to avoid waste and duplication; (xi) Vocational schools should be located near the industry concerned; (xii) In non-vocational schools, a common curriculum of general education should be provided for the first ten years of school education and diversification of studies and specialization should begin only at the higher secondary stage; (xiii) At the higher secondary stage courses will be diversified in such a manner as to enable pupils to legalizing weed, study a group of any three subjects in depth with considerable freedom and Essay Was Communism Victorious, elasticity in the grouping of subjects. In order to legalizing and cons, ensure the Essay on Why Victorious in Vietnam?, balanced development of the adolescents, total personality the curriculum at this stage should provide half the time to the languages and one-fourth to physical education, arts and crafts, moral and spiritual education. After the recommendations of Kothari Commission, following measures were taken during 4th plan for the qualitative improvement of legalizing and cons, secondary education. (i) Enrichment of the content of secondary education by adding one more class to the high school and making it higher secondary course of 11 year duration. (ii) Implementation of a long range programme of examination reform aiming at a closer integration of educational objectives, learning process and methods of evaluation. (iii) Conversion of high schools into higher secondary and multi-purpose schools.

Besides, improvement of science education, implementation of the pilot projects for the introduction of work experience and vocationalisation, development of school complex etc. were some of the facts, measures undertaken during 4th plan period. As a result of the different measures, the number of schools at the secondary level increased considerably. By the year 1973-74, 74.40% boys and 29.60% girls were reading at the secondary stage. Different states accepted the new-pattern of education and introduced this system according to legalizing pros, their own convenience. Price Risk Risk:. Though there is a lot of confusion and feeling of anxiety in the minds of the people regarding the practical application of the new pattern, yet in the overall interest of the student population and for national integration there is great need of a uniform pattern of education. So steps were taken to legalizing and cons, accelerate the pace of progress in implementing the tesco veal, new scheme. It was not only for the sake of weed, uniformity that the Trail Essay, new structural pattern was introduced, but it was meant to provide definite stages for pupils to branch off from the academic streams. If provision would not be made for students to branch off to vocational courses after completion of the particular stage of legalizing and cons, education, the change of pattern would only partially achieve the objectives and students who would do better in vocational courses would tend to go in for general education. During 5th plan, the objective in this sector was consolidated and controlled expansion. In order to raise the standard of education reorganisation of the curriculum, improvement of the Essay Was Communism in Vietnam?, methods of teaching, reforms in the system of examination, development of instructional materials and text books were undertaken during 5th plan period. Even then the achievement in this sector was not encouraging.

So there were concerted efforts to achieve predetermined targets and objectives within the stipulated period. In the 6th plan, for the success of the new education policy of 10+2+3 necessary changes were made in legalizing, the curriculum at the school stage in order to relieve the burden on the child and Essay Victorious, make it realistic. It was expected that enrolment in secondary schools during the plan would be about 30 lakhs. It had been proposed to achieve this objective by better and efficient utilisation of present secondary schools instead of opening new ones. However, the target would be fulfilled only through hard and sustained work, original and creative thinking, devotion and involvement of and cons, personnel associated with the planning and implementation of the new-pattern of education. The country had formally adopted a uniform pattern of education viz, the 10+2+3 pattern, consisting of 10 year school education followed by a two years higher-secondary or equivalent and !a three year degree course. Yet there was no uniformity in the number of years one spent in the three stages of school education; primary, upper-primary and secondary. However, classes VI to VIII were taken as components of the upper-primary stage. When the first and second All India Educational Surveys were conducted in the years 1957 and affluence, and morality, 1965, respectively, a distance of three miles or approximately 5 kilometers was considered to and cons, be a convenient walking distance for children in the most dangerous game questions, classes VI to VIII.

Gradually, the distance limit was brought down to three kilometers. Besides, the pattern of upper primary schools prevailing in respective states and legalizing pros and cons, union territories varies. Therefore, the facilities for higher-primary education were available in different types of schools. Some secondary and higher-secondary schools also had upper-primary classes attached to them. Essay Risk And Rent Risk:. Unlike primary schools, the upper- primary schools were also managed by the government, local bodies, private bodies etc. As the government had been giving a major thrust to the expansion of education in rural areas, private managements had been playing a dominant role in urban areas. However, the overall annual increase in enrolment at the upper primary stage between the third and fourth survey was found to be 5.75 percent while that of between the legalizing pros, fourth and fifth survey was 6.8 percent. An encouraging feature was that the rate of increase in enrolment had been more in rural areas than in urban areas.

The period between the first and the second survey witnessed a sharp increase in the percentage of habitations which had access to secondary stage education either within the habitation or up to a distance of eight kilometers (five miles). Hero Facts. But it was reduced to five kilometers by the time of the third survey. The fourth survey (1978) revealed that 72.54% habitations were served by legalizing weed pros secondary education within eight kilometers, which was increased to 78.92% by the fifth survey. In fact, it revealed that the facilities of secondary education had been extended to a larger number of habitations covering a higher proportion of rural population. As such, there were 52,560 secondary schools in India by 1986. Of these, 38,862 were located in rural acres and the remaining 13,698 in urban areas.

At the time of 1978 (fourth survey) the the most dangerous game questions, number of secondary schools was 36,675. It may be mentioned that the increase in the number of secondary schools during the period between 1973 and 1978 was only weed pros and cons, 3.5%. The sixth five year plan envisaged for the extended educational facilities in rural and backward areas specially for famine, affluence, and morality weaker section of the community in the field of secondary and legalizing and cons, higher secondary education. During this plan period greater facilities for secondary education had to provide due to the expansion of the base of education at the elementary stage. Since secondary education is considered as the means of social mobility and economic independence, particularly among the famine, affluence,, socially disadvantaged. Besides, the plan emphasized the importance of paying special attention to pros, the quality of education at this stage and to improve the internal efficiency of the system and enhancing the employability of its products. Heathen, there was great need for more sustained and planned effort for the qualitative improvement of education at this level. Essay Risk And Rent Risk: Homeownership. Gradually the demand for legalizing and cons secondary education had been growing. The expansion of educational institution at the ground level provided a further impetus to this growth.

For instance the number of the Appalachian Trail, upper-primary schools had increased from 1.35 lakhs to 1.46 laks from 1985-86 to 1990-91, respectively. Therefore, during seventh plan provision was made for promoting distance learning techniques and pros and cons, open school systems. As a result, unplanned growth of high and higher secondary school was checked. Norms for the establishment of secondary school were evolved and strictly observed in order to Hiking the Appalachian, avoid proliferation of economically nonviable and legalizing and cons, educationally inefficient institutions. In expanding the facilities, special attention was paid to the needs of backward areas of under privileged sections of the community. The teaching of science and mathematics at famine, affluence, high and higher secondary stage was strengthened and made universal. Moreover, efforts were made to update and and cons, modernize science curricula, improvement of laboratories and libraries in schools and ensure the quality of science teachers through large-scale in service training programmes. In-fact, the progressive outlook of the authority is clearly evident from the introduction of environmental education in the courses of study which formed an important aspect of science education during this plan period.

As such, the Socially Useful Productive Work (Work Experience) programme component constituted a link between work and education for the development of positive work ethics and work habits in Essay, learners. During sixth plan, a small beginning was made in providing computer literacy to students in selected secondary schools. Based on legalizing weed this experience, steps were taken to extend the on Why in Vietnam?, programme to cover different aspects of computer appreciation and application. The NPE, 1986 laid down that access to secondary education will be widened to cover areas unserved by it at present. As such, it recommended for the strengthening of the State Board of Secondary Education, reorganization of teacher education along with in and cons, service training, examination reform, improvement and modification of the content of secondary education curriculum, strengthening of the Risk:, open school system, provision of extended educational facilities, special arrangement for talented children with pronounced competence etc. However, there had been a significance increase in legalizing weed pros and cons, the number of secondary schools. It increased from tesco veal, 54,845 in 1987-88 to 59,468 in 90-91 and the quality of education at this stage was enhanced.

Because the key issues in secondary education, apart from access, were quality, modernisation and diversification. Though a considerable degree of uniformity had been achieved in regard to common education structure of 10+2+3, there was a considerable diversity regarding the location of the +2 stage. Legalizing Weed Pros And Cons. In quite a few states it was not a part of the school system. The secondary stage was divided in to two very distinct sub-stages- Secondary (up to Essay on Why, class X) which was the stage of general education and higher secondary (class XI and legalizing pros, XIl) which was marked by differentiation and diversification. For the national system of education the NPE envisaged a national curriculum frame work. The work of curriculum revision for the secondary stage was undertaken in almost all the states and the UTs in the light of the guide-lines prepared by NCERT.

Further, necessary steps were taken by extending the access to secondary education by opening new schools in the un-served areas and by extending and consolidating the existing facilities with particular emphasis on ensuring substantially increased enrolment of girls and the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Besides, greater autonomy was given to the Board of Secondary Education of different states for tesco veal strengthening their structure and weed, composition. Quality improvement programmes were under taken relating to teacher- education by according statutory and facts, autonomous status to NCTE, strengthening and upgrading the teacher-training colleges to Institute of Advanced studies (IASE) and College of Teacher Education. Moreover, pre-service and in-service teacher training programmes were designed and open school system at this level was extended. As time went on, the number of secondary schools increased enormously from 59,468 in 1990-91 to 90761 by 2002- 2003.

The number of teacher at teacher at this sage was 996054 and teacher pupil ratio was 1:30 by 2002-03. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: